The Barefoot Baby Foundation

Welcome to the Barefoot Baby Foundation!

At the Barefoot Baby Foundation, we envision a world where children and families reconnect with nature and each other, fostering deep, meaningful relationships and nurturing a sense of belonging and community. We aspire to bring back the simplicity and joy of childhood, cultivating an environment where the beauty of in-person connections prevails over the superficiality of digital interactions.

Mission Statement

Our mission at the Barefoot Baby Foundation is to restore the essence of a simpler, more connected childhood by promoting family bonding and outdoor activities. Through community events, educational outreach, and hands-on experiences, we aim to enhance the physiological and social development of children while strengthening family units. We are dedicated to creating a cultural shift that prioritizes mental well-being, reduces isolation, and celebrates the timeless beauty of real-world interactions.

Join us in our journey to plant seeds of joy and nurture them into thriving communities. Let's step outside and rediscover the wonders of a childhood intertwined with nature. Together, we can create a legacy of happy, healthy, and connected families.


How to Help

1. Donate.  Your generous donation helps us create enriching experiences that reconnect children with their families and the great outdoors. Every contribution fuels our mission, fostering a generation that values togetherness and the natural world. Thank you for helping us make a difference!

2. Shop our Store. A portion of annual profits from Barefoot Baby will go towards supporting the Barefoot Baby Foundation, so purchasing our merchandise is a great way to help us grow!

3. Volunteer. We would love to have your help! Please send an email to so we can learn about you and let you know about current and upcoming opportunities. 

4. Spread the word! At the end of the day, we know that this entire organization relies on the support of our community. Whether you are right next door or located in another country, your sharing of our mission is a huge help to our growth.

5. LIVE LIFE BAREFOOT. This mission is for YOU. Our goal is to encourage people to embrace a simpler life, with less stimulation and screens and A LOT MORE memories outside with the ones you love. If that happens, our mission is complete. 

6. Share your story. If you have a story of how living life barefoot has helped you and/or your family, please share it with us We would love to let others know why embracing nature and family is so important.


Past and Current Projects

Although the Barefoot Baby Foundation was officially established in April 2024, our commitment to community outreach has been a longstanding effort. With the formation of our foundation, we aim to expand our reach, enhance the "memory making" potential of our events, and transform the fabric of family life in McDowell County. Through our dedicated programs and initiatives, we strive to foster deeper connections, promote outdoor activities, and bring families closer together in meaningful and lasting ways.


Jan 2023- $1500 Raised for The Lisa Marzullo Fly Again Foundation, Donated merchandise for re-sale during events

April 2023- Workbooks and t-shirts created with McDowell Trail Association, Donated for Re-sale during events 

April 2023- T-Shirt Drive for Autism n' Music 

April 2023- MACA and School readings of "Easter Chicken"

June 2023- Barefoot Baby Day through Marion, NC Summer THRIVE Series 

July 2023- Family Day at the Joseph McDowell Historical Catawba Greenway in Marion, NC with McDowell Trail Association

October 2023- Library and School Readings of "Spooky Barn Owl"


March 2024- Library reading of "Easter Chicken"

April 2024- Spring Fling at Marion NC Library

Barefoot Baby Foundation officially established and recognized nationally as 501 (c) 3 charitable non-profit organization

April 2024- Created Updated Hiking Journal with McDowell Trail Association for resale at future collaborative events 

May 2024- Barefoot Family Hike at Meadow Loop Trail, Old Fort, NC

May 2024- Created "Miner's Meadow Nature Park" with the North Carolina Gold Foundation


From the bottom of our hearts, we thank you for learning about the Barefoot Baby Foundation. Our family believes so much in this message we do our best to live it every day, and the fact that anyone else is paying attention or even living it with us is a miracle we do not take lightly. We are forever grateful for this beautiful world we live in, for the children who are growing up in this crazy world, and for people like you who are doing your best to navigate it alongside us. Thank you for being here. 


Alyssa and Matthew Hughes

Owners & Founders, The Barefoot Baby Foundation