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Barefoot Baby

Fly Again Foundation Donation - Wooden Earring LOGO set

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Fly Again Foundation Wooden Earrings

Lisa Marzullo was a rock star who wore small gauges through most of her adult life. When I wore these wooden earrings, it immediately made me think of her earrings and her style. For that reason, we had them engraved with the Fly Again foundation logo! 

100% of the profits of this sale will go directly to the foundation!

Your purchase is 100% tax deductible! 

Barefoot Baby is on a mission- to raise $5000 for the Fly Again Foundation in January, the month of what would have been Lisa's 34th birthday. 

 The Fly Again Foundation Mission

The Lisa Marzullo Fly Again Foundation was founded by Lisa’s husband and her friends to keep Lisa’s legacy alive and share her love of travel with those battling breast cancer.

 Lisa’s priority during her triple negative breast cancer fight was, “When can I fly again?” We honor her legacy by giving young adults battling breast cancer a Dream Vacation, but more importantly, something to look forward to while navigating cancer treatments and surgeries. 

The Foundation is currently open to accepting applications through March 5th. If you or someone you know would like to learn more about this amazing foundation, please visit