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Barefoot Baby

Duck Duck Goose Homestead Kid Sleep 'n Play Set | Size 2T through 5T | Includes Shirt & Joggers

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Introducing our cozy "Duck Duck Goose" Sleep 'n Play Set" - a delightful ensemble designed for your little one's comfort and playtime adventures. Crafted with love and attention to detail, each piece in this set is perfect for creating cherished childhood memories.

This charming set includes:

  1. "Duck Duck Goose" Shirt: Adorned with adorable Khaki Campbell ducks and a silly goose, our best-selling design adds a touch of whimsy to your child's wardrobe. The cheerful design is sure to spark their imagination during the day, and provide comfort for a peaceful night's sleep.

  2. Beige Joggers: Designed for both comfort and durability, our beige joggers are ideal for playtime and bedtime alike. Made with premium materials, they offer freedom of movement, ensuring your child can move and play freely.

Sized perfectly for children aged 2T through 5T, this Sleep 'n Play set is tailored for your little one's comfort and style. Whether they're exploring the backyard or winding down for a restful night, these pieces are designed to keep them snug and cozy.

With every purchase, you're supporting a family-owned company dedicated to providing quality clothing that celebrates the joys of childhood. We believe in nurturing a love for nature and the outdoors, and this set is a testament to that mission.

Order now and let your child's next adventure be adorned in comfort and style with our "Duck Duck Goose Sleep 'n Play Set."